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How to bypass the Safety Net ( users)
How to bypass the Safety Net ( users)

How to bypass the safety net for a contacting in

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In some cases, like when a contact has given you their contact info, you may want to manually bypass the Safety Net inside outreach by conducting the following steps:

1) Go to your Outbox, then Select the email you're sure you'd like to send. (which will be labelled as a draft with the words '[Prevented by Allegrow]'.

2) After selecting the email, updates it's subject line to remove the words '[Prevented by Allegrow]'.

3) Ensure you're happy with the content and sequence the contact is receiving.

*Remember - you can use this as an opportunity to add the contact to a different sequence with fewer email steps.

4) Remove the email scheduling by selecting the clock icon and pressing 'Remove'.

5) Then select 'Send' in the bottom right-hand corner of the editing screen.

Your email will now proceed to be sent, bypassing the Safety Net.

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