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How to manually add a mailbox to Allegrow
How to manually add a mailbox to Allegrow

Manual / Alternative email account connection

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Thanks for joining us - only a few more steps until we can let Allegrow work its magic ๐Ÿ”ฎ.

Once you've logged in go ahead and press 'New Mailbox', then select 'Set Up Manually' underneath all the email icons and follow the steps below:

1. Fill in the details of the account you want to connect (other than the password field) and do not press 'connect your mailbox' just yet.

2. Go to your email providers account and make sure two-factor authentication is set-up and active in the security settings.

3. Look for 'app passwords' or 'application-specific' password options in your email providers settings.

4. Then a generate a new app password and inside your email providers settings. (This is not changing your log-in details its a password which only Allegrow will use to access your email)

5. Enter this app password inside Allegrow on in the password field required.

6. Make sure you have entered your accounts SMTP and IMAP host + port details correctly.

7 . Then press 'Connect Your Mailbox' and repeat this process for any other accounts you need to connect.

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