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How to add a O365 Mailbox
How to add a O365 Mailbox

How to connect my Mailbox - O365 / Office 356 / Outlook

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Thanks for joining us - only a few more steps until we can let Allegrow work its magic 🔮.

Part 1 of these instructions is a vital initial step you must carry out to make sure you connect the correct mailbox using modern authentication.

a) Log in to the specific O356 user/mailbox that you want to connect to Allegrow here.

(Remember, when you’re connecting additional users beyond your own account, you’ll need to make sure you’ve signed into that mailbox from your computer before connecting)

Part 2 - These are the steps you should follow inside Allegrow only after you have completed the instructions outlined in Part 1.

a) After you’ve fully logged into the O365 mailbox, which you want to connect, select ‘New Mailbox’ inside Allegrow:

b) Select O356 from the panel of options available by clicking the circled icon:

c) Proceed to enter the details to the connection form, which match the mailbox you logged into during Part 1, then click ‘Connect Your Mailbox’:

d) You will then be redirected to a Microsoft page. Ensure you pick the same mailbox details on this page as you have entered into Allegrow.

(as there will likely be multiple options displayed, make sure the exact mailbox you want to connect to is one of the options and that you click this mailbox).

*If you accidentally pick the wrong mailbox, you’ll want to disconnect the mailbox and begin the process again.

If a user from your organisation has already connected, you will automatically be returned to Allegrow and shown the success message, which states your mailbox has been successfully connected.

However, if you are the first user in your organisation to connect, please progress to Part 3 of the instructions.

Part 3 - this step will be required when connecting the first user from your organisation using modern authentication.

a) You will now be shown an O365 consent screen if you are the first user to connect from your organisation.

Allegrow is our application name, and ‘DIRECT SOFTWARE LIMITED’ is our legal name listed as we are fully registered and verified as a Microsoft Partner.

b) Proceed to tick ‘Consent on behalf of my organisation’ and ‘Accept’ to connect your mailbox.

(*You may need to manually request approval instead of a tickbox. In this instance your internal IT team will need to approve your connection to Allegrow in the admin)

c) After accepting, you will be redirected to Allegrow, and the following message will be displayed:

Click ‘Ok, got it’ to see further guidance.

You will want to let your users know that they can set up productivity labels following our guidance for MS users here.

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