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How to add a Google Workspace Mailbox (Oauth)
How to add a Google Workspace Mailbox (Oauth)
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Thanks for joining us - only a few more steps until we can let Allegrow work its magic ๐Ÿ”ฎ.

Part 1 of these instructions is a vital initial step you must carry out to make sure you connect the correct mailbox using modern authentication.

a) Your Google Workspace admin must first visit

b) Under 'Configured Apps' select 'Add App' and then select 'OAuth App Name or 'Client ID'

c) The workspace admin must follow the steps in Google to add our client_id to the Google Workspace.

Our client_id is available here

We would advise following the video below to ensure Part 1 is complete:

Part 2 - These are the steps you should follow inside Allegrow only after you have completed the instructions outlined in Part 1.

a) Select 'New Mailbox' in the top right-hand corner in Allegrow and select the Google icon.

b) Sign in to Allegrow ( using the mailbox you'd like to connect by selecting 'Continue' when you see this screen.

c) You will then need to allow Allegrow ( to have the relevant permissions to your mailbox for us to collect data on your mailbox sender reputation.

d) Congratulations! Once permissions have been given you'll be connected to Allegrow and should see the below notification.

You'll now want to make sure that you've used our guidance here to set up a productivity label for your mailbox.

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