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What do the different 'Sending Patterns' in Throttling mean?
What do the different 'Sending Patterns' in Throttling mean?

A breakdown of the different Sending Patterns in Throttling.

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This feature is in beta testing - This means, that if you choose to use the beta feature you should only test throttling while adding data to sequences in small batches.

Bulk sends or sequence messages without delays are likely to progress past limits in some cases, therefore, the use-case of the limits outlined in any guidance for Throttling is primarily to easily update sending limits for users that mainly utilise scheduled sequence emails in

To be able to utilise the Throttling functionality within Allegrow you first must have carried out the relevant integration for which you can find here.

Throttling functionality helps you avoid sending spikes that can damage your domain health while providing more governance and sustainability on your outbound sales motion.

By utilising this area within your Allegrow account you'll be able to automate how sending limits are created and adjusted in your sales engagement platform. - this should help minimize the risks of mailbox suspension and reps sending too many emails in a given day.

Throttling within Allegrow is currently separated into three different settings:

1) Warm Up: This setting is specifically designed for new mailboxes that you're looking to warm up over either 30, 60 or 90 days to build sender reputation and ramp outbound activity gradually.

2) Maintenance: This setting allows you to provision a specific limit for individual team members. With a degree of variability introduced which allows more natural sending activity.

3) Remedy: We would recommend any account that has been suspended recently be placed under 'Remedy', this will slowly increase the limit of how many emails

You can personalise the settings for individual mailboxes, using our guide here or make bulk edits to all mailboxes using our guidance here.

*For a full breakdown of throttling and to understand some more about the tool feel free to reach out to your CSM who will be able to help.

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