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Throttling (Beta)
How to set up Throttling
How to set up Throttling

Managing Throttling for your team's mailboxes.

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This feature is in beta testing for users - This means, that if you choose to use the beta feature you should only test throttling while adding data to sequences in small batches.

Bulk sends or sequence messages without delays are likely to progress past limits in some cases, therefore, the use-case of the limits outlined in any guidance for Throttling is primarily to easily update sending limits for users that mainly utilise scheduled sequence emails in

To be able to utilise the Throttling functionality within Allegrow you first must have carried out the relevant integration for which you can find here.

Email Throttling is used to avoid spikes in sending volume, which can cause deliverability issues.

There could be multiple reasons why reps have spikes in sending volume, which create red flags for deliverability. For example, reps returning from PTO or new hires joining may experience spikes as they are returning from a period of inactivity. Whereas, in other situations, you may need to reintroduce automated emails for one user at a slow rate if their mailbox was suspended for manual spam reports.

Therefore, when you need to automate progressive updates to a user's outbound sending limit, you can utilize any of the following throttling settings:

  • Throttling Warm Up (over 30, 60 & 90 Days)

  • Maintenance

  • Remedy

Within your Allegrow Admin, you're able to control the number of emails that a mailbox can send each day by utilising the Throttling section of your admin.

To specify the limit for each mailbox, please follow the steps below:

1) From the performance tab, select Throttling on the left-hand side navigation pane.

2) Select the mailbox that you would like to personalize from your list of mailboxes on the left-hand side navigation pane.

3) As a default, throttling will not be active on the mailboxes. Please select, 'Throttling Activated' to enable the functionality.

4) Once throttling has been enabled you can then input the relevant limits for the mailboxes depending on if you're warming the mailbox up (Warm Up), it's recently been suspended (Remedy), or it's currently in a good position (Maintenance).

5) When setting a Target Daily Sending Limit, we would recommend using our guidance here depending on the age of the mailbox to input a safe sending limit. Our guidance is based on where we tend to see teams have the most success based on the age of the mailbox and domain.

6) Once you've decided on the setting and daily limit, select 'Update' and this will change the throttling chart for the mailbox and implement the new limit.

If you have any questions about Throttling please feel free to reach out to your CSM or use the chat in the app to get in touch!

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