Thanks for joining us - only a few more steps until we can let Allegrow work its magic 🔮.

Once you've logged in go ahead and press 'New Mailbox', then select the Google icon and follow the steps below:

Feel free to use my video walkthrough here to help 🎥

1. Fill in the details of the account you want to connect (other than the password field) but do not press 'connect your mailbox' just yet.
(you'll need to follow the steps below to generate an 'app-specific password')

2. Make sure you have set up two-factor authentication for the Gmail account you are going to connect.

(a) Enter the google account in question and select the account icon shown below.

(b) Go to the 'Security' section.

(c) Check 2-Step Verification is 'On'. (if it isn't you'll need to turn it on).

3. Then create an application-specific password inside the Gmail account you are about to connect then use this for the password field we require.

(a) Select 'App passwords' (this is the type of password you will enter to Allegrow for connection)

(b) On the 'Select app' options chose 'Other (Custom name)'.

(c) Create a custom name for the app password. Then press 'GENERATE'.

(d) Now copy the app password you have generated and paste this into the 'Password' field of the connection form in Allegrow.

4. Then press 'Connect Your Mailbox' and repeat this process for other Gmail accounts you need to connect.

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