Thanks for joining us - only a few more steps until we can let Allegrow work its magic 🔮.

Once you've logged in go ahead and press 'New Mailbox', then select the Office 365 icon and follow the steps below in each part:

Part 1 covers general settings which need to be implemented in Office 365 / outlook at an admin level.

Whereas Part 2 covers how/where to generate the app password you will enter into the Allegrow interface when you are connecting your accounts.

Part 1 - Steps to complete in general settings of your admin so you have the ability to generate app passwords and connect your accounts correctly.

(a) Activate "Authenticated SMTP" in the Office365 Admin Center for each email account you want to connect to Allegrow.

(b) Enable double authentication in the Office365 Admin Center.

(c) Disable "Security default" in the Azure Active Directory Admin Center.

Part 2 - Generate an app password.
(this is carried out inside the specific email users Office 365 account that you are connecting, not the admin center)

Now, enter the App Password that you generated and the email address of that user into the connection form we provide inside Allegrow.

As always let me know if you have any questions on this process.

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