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How to manage Sending Patterns in Allegrow
How to manage Sending Patterns in Allegrow

In this article we'll cover how to manually change the Sending Patterns in Allegrow.

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Once you've connected your mailboxes to Allegrow, there may be occasions when you'd like to reduce the amount of automated activity that is taking place on your account.

Within the Allegrow dashboard, you have the ability to manually override the pre-determined number of emails that Allegrow will be carrying out on your mailbox - this is calculated on our best practices and we would usually not recommend changing this, however, we appreciate sometimes you may want to.

In order to reduce the number of emails that Allegrow is simulating in your mailbox please follow the guide below.

1) Log into the Allegrow dashboard and select 'Sending Pattern' on the left-hand side of your admin.

2) Once you have selected 'Sending Pattern' a list of the mailboxes that you have connected to Allegrow will appear, giving you the option to select the mailbox that you would like to alter the sending pattern on.

3) Once you have selected the mailbox you would like to edit, you will be able to view the sending pattern for this mailbox.

Within this area of the admin, you have the ability to 'click&drag' on the graph for the selected day to either increase or decrease the number of emails and replies that will be carried out by Allegrow on that mailbox.

You won't be able to alter the activity for today - however, you will have the ability to edit the activity for tomorrow and for the next 14 days.

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