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How to run risk analysis with Safety Net Everywhere
How to run risk analysis with Safety Net Everywhere

In this article we'll cover how to run risk analysis ahead of running a new campaign in your sales engagement platform

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Reaching out to risky contacts that may produce a bounce or mark your email as spam manually is some of the most risky outbound to be carrying out. The Safety Net Everywhere can help you run risk analysis on the emails you plan to reach out to before you ever upload this to your Sales Engagement Platform.

This will help you assess the best next steps in line with our guidance here for how to proceed with prospecting.

Ahead of uploading your data to Safety Net Everywhere, please ensure that the upload file contains an email address field/column.

1) Navigate to the Safety Net Everywhere using the navigation pane on the left-hand side of your Allegrow Admin.

*If this is your first upload there will not be any historical content to display however moving forward you will be able to see data from your historic uploads.

2) Select 'Start Risk Analysis' in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

3) In the selection window, select the file that you would like Allegrow to run risk analysis on and select upload.

Remember to select 'Upload' once you've selected your file.

4) The Safety Net Everywhere will then run the relevant risk analysis, updating as a live feed in real-time and will also notify you when complete.

5) Once the risk analysis has been complete we would recommend returning to the Allegrow admin to view your results.

Your results will be broken down into each prevention reason and will populate your home screen with a breakdown of the upload that you've made. Alternatively, you can click into each segment which will display the segmented data, based on prevention and advise some of the best next steps with the data (this could be do not email, enrol in a separate sequence, find a new contact at the account using your data sources etc.)

6) To download your data that has been analysed you have a couple of options within the admin.

You can visit each tab and then select 'Export' in the top right-hand corner.

The breakdown of each download is as follows:

a) Select 'Most Recent': This will download the most recent data upload, i.e the last one that's finished.

a) Select 'Not Yet Exported': This will download everything that has not been downloaded by the admin.

a) Select 'All data': This will download all data.

7) By selecting each segment of your data you will be able to see the specific guidance based on the prevention reason.

If you have any questions on how best to utilise the preventions that the Safety Net Everywhere has made, please feel free to reach out to your CSM.

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