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How to create productivity label for Gmail mailboxes
How to create productivity label for Gmail mailboxes

Label emails / organise emails / NS emails / "- myNS." / "nsMotif."

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Hello, Congratulations on connecting your email account you're now at the cutting edge of lead gen 🚀.

Allegrow will simulate emails in your connected mailboxes every day, which can lead to your mailbox being a bit more cluttered than usual.

These emails can be easily recognised as they have the tag(s) "- myNS." in their subject line.

(if you use a Microsoft mailbox please find the separate instructions here)

In order to keep these emails in a specific part of your inbox so they don’t get in the way - please follow the steps below for Google Workspace email accounts:

1. Inbox settings: Navigate to the settings section of your connected inbox.

(these can be found by clicking the ‘Settings’ near symbol on the top right-hand corner of your inbox, then proceeding to click ‘See all settings’).

2. Create the filter: start to create a new filter.

(From the general settings point click the option ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’, then under this section proceed to click ‘Create a new filter’).

3. Use "- myNS." as the filters tag: This will identify which emails should be inside the filter:

(Write "- myNS." in the subject field then proceed to press ‘Create filter’, there will be a message appear stating ‘Confirm creating filter’ press ‘Ok’ on this message)

4. Set the rules: Select the exact rules we display below before proceeding:

(Tick - Skip the Inbox (Archive it)

(Tick - Mark as read)

(Tick - Apply the label [The name of the label you create], using the scroll down button on this option there will be an option here to create a label name you should choose and create a name you are happy with - do not use the word ‘spam’ in any way on the name of the filter)

Then, once all three of the above criteria are met (double-check you did create a label on the 3rd option and tick it), proceed to click ‘Create filter’.

This should mark the general Allegrow emails as 'read' and keep them out of your way each day so they don't distract you. But remember do not manually move them or reply to them.

In addition to the above emails with the tag "- myNS.", which you have just created a rule for, you will also notice Motif emails inside your inbox due to the platform activity.

Motif emails will have the tag "nsMotif." in their subject line - these emails should simply be marked as read by you manually in batches. You can do this by periodically searching for "nsMotif." in your search bar, then marking all the unread results as read. (we advise every 48hrs).

If you do not use a Google or Microsoft inbox we would advise you to carry out the following:

- Create a filter / automatic filer/filtering rule usually found in your ‘Settings’ section.

- Set up the filter so that emails that have "- myNS." in their subject line are included in the filter criteria.

- Select the option for email which comes under the above criteria to be stored in a specific ‘Folder’ within your inbox.

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