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How to update Mailbox Credentials in Allegrow
How to update Mailbox Credentials in Allegrow

Update Mailbox Credentials / update password / mailbox update

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You may need to update a mailbox's credentials when the application-specific password you used to connect an account has changed, become invalid or to resolve a connection error indicated by a red exclamation mark next to the mailbox in question.

If you are updating credentials to resolve a connection error please ensure you have generated a new app-specific password inside your mailbox provider which you will now enter to Allegrow.

As a reminder, app passwords/application-specific passwords are not the regular password you use to enter the email account. Make sure you have reviewed the connection guidance for your email provider in our help centre and generated an app password before attempting the below guidance. (connection guidance for G Suite, Microsoft and all other providers)

*Please Note, reconnection instructions for O365 users are available here.

You can update account credentials by conducting the following steps:

1. In the Performance section, click the ‘Edit’ option next to the mailbox you need to update the credentials of:

2. Proceed to select the next ‘Edit’ option in the top right-hand corner of the accounts specific chart page:

3. Select the option to ‘Update Credentials’ by clicking as shown:

4. Then, proceed to edit the app password, inside the ‘password’ field and click ‘Save’, or the other relevant fields and click ‘Save’. (make sure you have generated an app-specific password, rather than entering your regular email password):

After you have saved the new credentials/password successfully, you will see Allegrow simulated activity on the account return to normal within 24hrs of re-connection.

If you’re unsure how to evaluate that the account activity has returned to normal, don’t hesitate to connect with us on live chat and we’ll provide clarification.

Finally, if you are looking to update the email address field, rather than the password or first name / last name fields, you will need to disconnect the account in question and connect the updated address as a completely new user (following the connection guidance for your specific email provider).

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